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New News But Old Delights

Posted by Jake on 2 December, 2009

Okay, so before I get to the news I thought I would show off some more pictures of the house here in Florida. I promise I am going to try and do a post everday or every other day on this blog until next Tuesday. Next Wednesday is when the truck starts getting packed and I don’t think I will have enough energy to post; you know how moving is.

Now to the news, I have started a new blog for Kentucky right here. Now, the post that no their will be the only post on the new blog until I tell you on here that I am no longer posting here. Currently there are pictures of the outside of the new house, my head is already churning out ideas, yay. Truly, nothing will probably get posted on my new blog until after the holidays in January because I won’t have time to put up all of your gys links on the new blog and I don’t want you guys to have to change my link during this busy time of the year.

Keep Checking Back this week, I am trying to close my last week in Florida with a marathon of post.



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Variegated Plants-Happy July the Fourth!

Posted by Jake on 4 July, 2009

Variegated plants were recently discussed on a message board I frequent, Hardy Palm and Subtropical Board. Variegated plants really light up areas in your landscape and some may not even be the light yellow or green colors. Quite a few of them can be drker colors and they too look cool. Here are some of my variegated plants that I could get pictures of today. I was having trouble with the humidity fogging up the lens, so I didn’t get pictures of all of them. The Canna was producing plaing green leaves and all of a sudden began putting out variegated leaves, which may be a disease, I don’t really know though. The newest leaf on my Cavendish Banana is also variegated, it is dark green in the center and a lighter shade all around the edge, wierd since all of thos ewere green except for when it was a young plants and had the red splotches.

I figured maybe variegation could be the fireworks of my page, lol. Have a great Fourth of July!


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Posted by Jake on 10 March, 2009

It is definitely a lot hotter than it was a week ago, last Tuesday night we were on the brink of frost! We hit 85 degrees at my house and right now it is 80 degrees. Whew, summer has arrived, or is this temporary. The heat is making things grow! My Rojo Banana is on it’s way to putting out a new leaf which is great. My Castor Bean is starting to grow leaf buds ll over the plants, but the bottom seems to be growing faster, its a bit wierd.

Also in my pictures, I have a picture of the sun for everyone in a cooler spot. Look at it and imagine it is 85 degrees and your sweating, lol, maybe just think about the warmth.  Tomorrow is even suppose to be hotter, better go water the container plants after I am done witht this.

I threw in a picture of Buddha because of Wicked Gardener’s post on her new Buddha. Mine is a bit skinnier than most Buddhas I have seen. He also has no name, he doesn’t really seem to mine.

Here is our 7-Day Forecast from our CBS:

Have A Great Day,


7 days until St. Patrick’s Day!

10 days until Spring Begins!

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