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Posted by Jake on 10 March, 2009

It is definitely a lot hotter than it was a week ago, last Tuesday night we were on the brink of frost! We hit 85 degrees at my house and right now it is 80 degrees. Whew, summer has arrived, or is this temporary. The heat is making things grow! My Rojo Banana is on it’s way to putting out a new leaf which is great. My Castor Bean is starting to grow leaf buds ll over the plants, but the bottom seems to be growing faster, its a bit wierd.

Also in my pictures, I have a picture of the sun for everyone in a cooler spot. Look at it and imagine it is 85 degrees and your sweating, lol, maybe just think about the warmth.  Tomorrow is even suppose to be hotter, better go water the container plants after I am done witht this.

I threw in a picture of Buddha because of Wicked Gardener’s post on her new Buddha. Mine is a bit skinnier than most Buddhas I have seen. He also has no name, he doesn’t really seem to mine.

Here is our 7-Day Forecast from our CBS:

Have A Great Day,


7 days until St. Patrick’s Day!

10 days until Spring Begins!


3 Responses to “HEATWAVE…”

  1. Hey Jake – Love your Buddha-man!! I’m sitting here sweating it is so hot! And it just seems wrong to turn on the AC. Forget it- I’m going outside!

  2. Kim said

    Ooh, bananas and castor beans. Looks we do indeed have a similar plant palette in our gardens!

  3. Jake said

    Yes, we do Kim! I have a few more Bananas on there way soon.


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