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Posted by Jake on 14 September, 2009

I have decided to take a little break from the blog. I guess you could tell from my lack of new posts’. I have decided I will post again when my Hibiscus cannabinus blooms. It is suppose to bloom anytime between late-September through October.



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Unknown Ornamental Grass

Posted by Jake on 7 September, 2009

This is an ornamental grass that I have had since last winter. It grew from a ver small mailorder size plant to what you see today. It started to bloom back at the end of July and is still blooming.


Old Plume

Old Plume

New Plume

New Plume


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Posted by Jake on 3 September, 2009

It is that time of year when I just can’t find a lot to talk about. I may have more in the next few days, but nothing special today. Here are two pictures of the Sun setting sometime last week. I actually perfer Sunrises, but I am not normally up for them during the summer when they are so early. Here they are:

The Setting Sun

The Setting Sun

You Can See The Moon

You Can See The Moon

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August 2009 Weather Summary and 2009 Summer Summary

Posted by Jake on 1 September, 2009

The August 2009 Monthly Weather Summary:

Average High: 88f/31.1c   Avergae Low: 73f/22.7c   Average Rainfall: 6.57″/166.88mm

2009 High: 90f/32.2c   2009 Low: 75f/23.8c   2009 Rainfall: 5.32″/135.13mm

Departure: +2   Departure: +2   Departure: -1.25″/-31.75mm

Number of Lows at or Below 32F/0C degrees: 0

Number of Highs at or Above 90F/32.2C or Hotter: 17

Number of Records: 1, Tied and old record.

Highest Recorded Temperature: 101f/38.3c degrees on August 10th 

Lowest Recorded Temperature: 68f/20c degrees on August 24th


Summer 2009 Seasonal Summary: 1 June- 31 August

Average Summer High: 88f/31.1c   Average Summer Low: 72f/22.2c  Average Summer Rainfall: 19.40″/492.76mm

2009 Average Summer High: 91/32.8c   2009 Average Summer Low: 73f/22.8c 

2009 Average Summer Rainfall: 23.86″/606.04mm

High Departure: +3  Low Departure: +1  Rainfall Departure: +4.46″/+113.28mm


August was a dry and hot month with a lot of humidity, it was very miserable and I am glad it is over. The enitre summer wasn’t much better with us drying out badly at the end of June, July, and August after getting rain at the begining of each month. The wet season also never seemed to arrive this year which was a bummer.

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