Northeast Florida Paradise


Variegated Plants-Happy July the Fourth!

Posted by Jake on 4 July, 2009

Variegated plants were recently discussed on a message board I frequent, Hardy Palm and Subtropical Board. Variegated plants really light up areas in your landscape and some may not even be the light yellow or green colors. Quite a few of them can be drker colors and they too look cool. Here are some of my variegated plants that I could get pictures of today. I was having trouble with the humidity fogging up the lens, so I didn’t get pictures of all of them. The Canna was producing plaing green leaves and all of a sudden began putting out variegated leaves, which may be a disease, I don’t really know though. The newest leaf on my Cavendish Banana is also variegated, it is dark green in the center and a lighter shade all around the edge, wierd since all of thos ewere green except for when it was a young plants and had the red splotches.

I figured maybe variegation could be the fireworks of my page, lol. Have a great Fourth of July!



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