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Turn the Heater Off!

Posted by Jake on 28 September, 2008

After a lovely fall feeling days we have went back to the heat. Saturday was close to 90 and today is suppose to be too. I am just thankful there isn’t any humidty, I couldn’t stand anymore of that, even though more will probably arrive soon. This week is suppose to have some rain and cooler, if you can say that, low to mid 80’s.

I still need to get pics of the fall plants and the Halloween stuff and I will soon. A house in my neighborhood is putting up some awesome Halloween stuff I will have to check that out. If my yard was better I could have an awesome Halloween display.

Have a good day,


33 days until Halloween!


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I am Back!

Posted by Jake on 25 September, 2008

Hello everyone, I am back. It has been a tiring week for some reason so I haven’t been posting as much. After complaining about no rain we got some over the weekend and an all day rain event Monday. I don’t think we are to much below our average rainfall for September now. I love wind…Tuesday was windy but Wednesday was even windier and I loved it. Then Wesnesday it was 68 in the morning and I loved it but, Thursday morning it was 58 had I loved it more. They are now saying it will get warmer and humid again…boo.

This week I put out the Halloween stuff I finished that Thursday night, I will have pictures later. It isn’t as much as I normally do but, quite frankly, my front yard sucks for decorating. I also planted Mums and Bush Daisy out at the mailbox for a autumn display. My Dwarf Cavendish popped out another pup last week, I moved it this week to the front of the house. My Musa Basjoo has alsp pushed a pup out so that is exciting. All the new additions to my yard from last week are doing well, the natural watering did them some good that ciy water just can’t.

Well enjoy the cool weather,


35 days until Halloween!

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Autumn Has Arrived!

Posted by Jake on 22 September, 2008

Welcome to the first day of autumn! It doens’t feel like it here in Florida, but I know it feels like it somewhere. Hopefully this time next year I will be a somewhere where it feels like autumn. Even with the temps into the mid-80’s it does look like autumn. We are getting some autumn rains as we have been experiencing strong onflow from the ocean. It is suppose to be even stronger this week. The weathermen said it is suppose to be the most intense early this week with mid-week be Nor’easter like condtions.

Well, go outside and enjoy the first day of autumn wherever you are, or summer for our Australian friends.


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This is for You!

Posted by Jake on 21 September, 2008

Northeast Florida Paradise has been doing very good. Way better than I could have or ever would have imagined. The blog has past the 1500 mark and even this past week past the 2000 mark. The blog has had a total 2,151 people view it. September has been the best month since Northeast Florida Paradise was started in early July. September so far has had a total of 1,271 visitors itself, simply amazing. Northeast Florida Paradise was also on Word Press’s September 20, 2008 Blog of the Day. We were listed number five out of one-hundred.

Thank You and I will have more content posted within the next week.

Thanks a whole lot,


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