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Colocasia ‘Illustris’

Posted by Jake on 20 August, 2009

Colocasia ‘Illustris’ is an Elephant Ear that I have wanted since 2007, so this year I finally bought one and was glad I did. It is a very beautiful Elephant Ear with it’s black and green leaves. It is also quite the spreader as it spreads from underground runners. It has also been sending up it’s yellow spathes or flowers since August which apparenty smell good if you stick your nose to them. This Colocasia is hardy to at least zone 7 with some reports in zone 6 of it returning with a fresh layer of winter mulch in the fall. Another important thing is the more sun Colocasia ‘Illustris’ gets the blacker the black is. The ‘Illustris’ in the pictures below aren’t in the best of sun, so they could be blacker.

Colocasia 'Illustris'

Colocasia 'Illustris'



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Needle Palm

Posted by Jake on 18 December, 2008

Okay, so I am going t post about my Needle Palm in honour of my trip to colder weather Saturday. I bought this Needle Palm from Mail Order Natives in October 2007. The plant is a native of Florida and can take dow to -20 degrees. It’s cold tolerance seems funny to me since it is only native to Florida.

I took these pictures today, 18 December, 2008:

Happy Holidays,


7 days until Christmas!


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