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Hemerocallis ‘Ming Toy’

Posted by Jake on 28 April, 2009

I think I have figured out what the red Daylily I got from Target a few weeks ago is. I saw it at Lowe’s lastnight and took the label to compare and sure enough it is the same. I figured it would be since commercial grown plants no matter where they are sold tend to be the same. Most of the unique ones you have to order and are not sold at stores, maybe some nurseires, but usually have to be ordered. 


I hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a great week!


27 days untill Memorial Day!

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A New Magazine

Posted by Jake on 26 April, 2009

If you like Banana Trees and would like to know more about them or rea intresting stuff about them then there is a new magazine for you! It is called the Banana Quarterly and it is four issues for only $20 dollars a year. The first issue is digital only, but the next issues and the other following will be in print and mailed to you.

I just subscribed today and haven’t looked it, but from what I hear it is a proffesianal done magazine. It is brought to you buy the forums,

Banana Quarterly 

Have A Great Day,


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It’s So Hot I Can See Stuff Growing

Posted by Jake on 23 April, 2009

It really turned out to be a hot day today, but not humid thankfully! My thermometer hit 94F for our high and it is in the shade no sun hits it at all. Our forecasted high was 89F, which was right for Northern Jacksonville. I feel like for an area so large there needs to be more weather station around the area, becuase the airport is always cooler. Myabe they could avergae together all of the weather stations data.

Anyway, I can actually tell a differnce in my Elephant Ear’s from this morning to now, they have grown! It is currently 91 at my house and no breeze from the beaches has arrived yet. It was foggy this morning, so fogy it blocked out the sun. I got some great picture though, I was really able to catch the right colors of the plants. I will post those picture soon.

Have A Great Day,


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Just Saying Hello

Posted by Jake on 21 April, 2009

Hello, everyone! Everyone here in the our blogger world seem to be busy, in the the yard perhaps. It is spring and I guess people posting slows. I feel like I have quit posting as much this week.  We are getting into the 80’s this week, that is nice I guess. We had some rain yesterday afternoon until  about 3:30ish, just a nice soaking rain, no storms.

I thought I would post some pictures of my newest corner area after it has been growing for awhile. It looks a little tropical, but in a few months it wil look really tropical.

 I also have a picture of a neighbors Rose Bush that I took through the fence that was really pretty last week. I don’t personally like the color, but I did like the way it looked so full of blooms.

Have A Great Warm Day and Week,


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