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New News But Old Delights

Posted by Jake on 2 December, 2009

Okay, so before I get to the news I thought I would show off some more pictures of the house here in Florida. I promise I am going to try and do a post everday or every other day on this blog until next Tuesday. Next Wednesday is when the truck starts getting packed and I don’t think I will have enough energy to post; you know how moving is.

Now to the news, I have started a new blog for Kentucky right here. Now, the post that no their will be the only post on the new blog until I tell you on here that I am no longer posting here. Currently there are pictures of the outside of the new house, my head is already churning out ideas, yay. Truly, nothing will probably get posted on my new blog until after the holidays in January because I won’t have time to put up all of your gys links on the new blog and I don’t want you guys to have to change my link during this busy time of the year.

Keep Checking Back this week, I am trying to close my last week in Florida with a marathon of post.


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The Comparison

Posted by Jake on 14 June, 2009

I know I complain about the heat a lot and I sometimes think it may get on your nerves. Well, I am sorry, but I will show you why. I will start posting my Florida monthly weather summary and then I will do a comparison post a little later to show you what it was in Kentucky that month; I will do this for 12 months.

Lexington, KY and Jacksonville, FL

Here is my Heat Key:

70-79 is WARM

80-89 is HOT

90-99 is VERY HOT

100+  is TOO HOT

May 2009

Average High: 74F(KY) 84F(FL)


Average Low: 56F(KY) 67(FL)


 Number of Days 90+: 0(KY) 9(FL)

Hottest Temp: 85F May 22&23(KY) 94F May 11(FL)

Lowest Temp: 40F May 18&19(KY) 61F May 2(FL)

Lexington was right on average for the high, but two degrees hotter then average for the low.

Jacksonville was two degrees above avergae for both the low and the high.

Both locations saw a lot more then average for the month of May.


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News & A Reminder

Posted by Jake on 26 May, 2009

Although many of you probably don’t care, the Home Depot’s in Kentucky are now selling Cold Hardy Palm’s, Halleuha. If I move back I will have a source at my fingertips instead of buying them online.

Now the reminder, if you can identify the unidentified plant in the below post, please try.



24 days until I Visit Kentucky!

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