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Happy Black Friday 2008

Posted by Jake on 28 November, 2008

The turkey is gone and it is time for sleep, so you can get up at 3am to do the Black Friday dance! Just shop, shop, shop, until you DO drop!

I hope evrryone had aĀ  enjoyable Thanksgiving! I won’t be getting up at 3am this year, but I will be going out a bit later in the day. I hope I can find some LED lights on sale.

Have a greay day,



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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Jake on 27 November, 2008

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving today! Don’t forget to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade at 9am this morning on NBC. Also get that sleep if you are getting up for Black Friday!

I normally do Black Friday, but I’m not in the mood since it doesn’t feel like the holidays here. šŸ˜¦ It wouldn;t feel the same getting up at 3am and going out and freezing outsideĀ in twenty degree weather with windwaiting on the doors of the first store to open. šŸ˜¦ Sad now!

Anyway, Enjoy, Turkey Day,


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…the fire is so delightful…

Posted by Jake on 19 November, 2008

We have been cold here in Northeast Florida, well, actually most places east of the Mississippi River has been cold. Last night we were suppose to get down to the 25-30 range, we did not. I really putĀ out the protection though. Christmas lights were wrapped around theĀ Cavendish Banana, Coconut Palm, Spindle Palm, and Castor Bean.Ā I also put spot lights underneath the Cavendish and Castor Bean to warm them up hopefully. Tonight may be our actual freeze has we are already at 41 and falling faster than last night. We didn’t hit 41 untillĀ after midnight.Ā I noticed Pygmy Date Palms and Foxtail Palms in the neighborhood covered along with some CitrusĀ Trees and other types of bushes.

I also covered up my one Elephnat Ear, Cannas, baby Spindle Palm, Datil Peppers, Musa Basjoo, Chinese Yellow Banana, some Pineapple Sage, andĀ  two Plumbagos with grocery bags from Walmart, Publix, Winn-Dixie, and Kroger

Stay Warm,


8 days until Thanksgiving!

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Hot to Cool

Posted by Jake on 16 November, 2008

Last week was a schorcher here in Northeast Florida. Thursday we had a high of 85 which was a record and Friday we hit 85 once again and broke another record. Humidity on both of those days was unbearable. Today was nice it was cloudy, but windy and rainy due to the cold front coming through. Places are starting to decorate for Christmas here and some housesĀ  have started; I will be starting after Thanksgiving.

I did have my Tom the Turkey inflatable out, but someone ripped him, so we fixed him. I forgot to put him out the begining of this past week and then it was wet the end of the week, so he won’t be going back out this year. Sometimes I wonder about people and why they choose to destroy stuff that isn’t thiers.

I don;t have to much to say except enjoy the cooler temps!

Have a good day,


11 days until Thanksgiving!


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