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I Am Still Here

Posted by Jake on 15 November, 2009

Okay, so you probably thought I had abandoned this blog and all of you, but I haven’t. I ams till here and as of today there is only one month until I move back to Lexington, KY. I am very excited and I expect to start digging up plants today that I plan to take back to KY with me.  The are going in this white planter that is fairly big that I have dubbed “The Ark”. I thought I would give you a look around my yard… it will probably be one of the lasts.



Windmill Palm


Yucca gloriosa

Lanai Bed


















Center Stage


Sabal brazoriaRojo Banana

Windmill Palm- 10 months







Silver Dollar Eucalyptus


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Show Off A Banana

Posted by Jake on 21 October, 2009

006This Banana has been a fast grower and is unique in the way it holds up it’s leaves. I will tell you what kind it is when I find out.



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7 Months To Bloom

Posted by Jake on 11 October, 2009

It took 7 months for my single flower Hibiscus to start blooming. It really took a hit from last year’s 23 degree knockdown to the ground. The double flower one has been blooming frequently since June. The single plant is now blooming like crazy, just really wish it was faster to come back.

Single Flowered Hibiscus

Single Flowered Hibiscus

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Hibiscus cannabinus

Posted by Jake on 8 October, 2009

I finally was able to get a picture of my Hibiscus cannabinus blooms. They are gorgeous and well worth the wait until October to see them bloom. I hopefully will have seed to share with you assuming the seed pods form and ripen before December; I am now moving sooner, before Christmas.

The blooms in the picture’s below have spots on them that are not normally there. I believe it may have rained yesterday morning before I took the pictures.

Hibiscus cannabinus

Hibiscus cannabinus

Upclose Hibiscus cannabinus Flower

Upclose Hibiscus cannabinus Flower

Another Bloom

Another Bloom

The Hibiscus cannabinus is often misidentified as hemp, in fact it’s common name is Brown Indian Hemp. You can see my plant’s have gotten huge and that is because I didn’t know how to care for them. You can let them grow out like that or you can cut them back. In order to bloom you should probably quit cutting them back in August. The result should be a better compact plant that is not as susceptible to wind and rain damage.
Hibiscus cannabinus can be grown to zone 6 and does come in other color’s besides purple. I fyou are a Hibiscus fan you wil defintley fall in love with this plant.

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