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Hibiscus cannabinus

Posted by Jake on 8 October, 2009

I finally was able to get a picture of my Hibiscus cannabinus blooms. They are gorgeous and well worth the wait until October to see them bloom. I hopefully will have seed to share with you assuming the seed pods form and ripen before December; I am now moving sooner, before Christmas.

The blooms in the picture’s below have spots on them that are not normally there. I believe it may have rained yesterday morning before I took the pictures.

Hibiscus cannabinus

Hibiscus cannabinus

Upclose Hibiscus cannabinus Flower

Upclose Hibiscus cannabinus Flower

Another Bloom

Another Bloom

The Hibiscus cannabinus is often misidentified as hemp, in fact it’s common name is Brown Indian Hemp. You can see my plant’s have gotten huge and that is because I didn’t know how to care for them. You can let them grow out like that or you can cut them back. In order to bloom you should probably quit cutting them back in August. The result should be a better compact plant that is not as susceptible to wind and rain damage.
Hibiscus cannabinus can be grown to zone 6 and does come in other color’s besides purple. I fyou are a Hibiscus fan you wil defintley fall in love with this plant.

3 Responses to “Hibiscus cannabinus”

  1. Darla said

    Just beautiful!! Are you getting excited about your move?

  2. Jake said

    Thank you so much and yes I am. It really get excited thinkning about it when we have days like to day 90f-95f in October and they have the possibility of flurries next week. Probably makes no sense to most, but to a cold and snow lover it is what I am looking forward too. I am trying to think of a new blog name for up there because I want to have it set up before I move to go ahead and start posting.


  3. Very pretty hibiscus flower and the foliage is so unique.

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