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I Am Still Here

Posted by Jake on 15 November, 2009

Okay, so you probably thought I had abandoned this blog and all of you, but I haven’t. I ams till here and as of today there is only one month until I move back to Lexington, KY. I am very excited and I expect to start digging up plants today that I plan to take back to KY with me.  The are going in this white planter that is fairly big that I have dubbed “The Ark”. I thought I would give you a look around my yard… it will probably be one of the lasts.



Windmill Palm


Yucca gloriosa

Lanai Bed


















Center Stage


Sabal brazoriaRojo Banana

Windmill Palm- 10 months







Silver Dollar Eucalyptus


4 Responses to “I Am Still Here”

  1. Darla said

    Must be a large Ark!! I hope you continue to blog once you have moved and are settled. Uh, never mind that, hook up your computer and blog while you get settled…lol

  2. Jake said

    I plan on it although most pictures and everything will be of what the landscape is currently at the new house. Oh and whatever snow we get… I hope we get a lot this year, lol.


  3. Tatyana said

    I hope the Ark is big enough to carry all your beautiful plants.
    Good luck with your move Jake!

    • Jake said

      It is full… I am only taking the hardy Palms of course as far as palms go. I have it full of other good plants. I have a clean slate in KY at this house it is only 3 years old so it will be awesome.


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