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Blog Closed, New Blog Open

Posted by Jake on 31 December, 2009

This blog as of 1 January, 2010 will be closed and no more posts’ will be posted on here. The reason behind this was due to my move from Florida to Kentucky. I will be continuing the blogging of my gardens at Nelson Park Gardens. I plan to keep this blog up for the time being, but in the future that may change. I would like to thank everyone who has visted and contributed to this blog in it’s short life span. I hope that you will continue to do the same thing on my new blog, Nelson Park Gardens. New posts’ will begin to be posted on the new blog, Nelson Park Gardens, the week of 4-8 January, 2010.

Thank You For Viewing This Blog,


Nelson Park Gardens


3 Responses to “Blog Closed, New Blog Open”

  1. Jan said

    I know you are happy to be back in Kentucky. I can’t wait to see what you will do with your garden there.

    Always Growing

  2. Hey , I got a new BLOG/website too….I am in Florida…….born in Ky. ….left there 1960. Got a huge collection of plants. Check me out……Robert Chumley

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