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Autumn Has Come to Northeast Florida

Posted by Jake on 3 December, 2009

Last autumn was not that great here in my part of Northeast Florida. It was dull and the leaves weren’t that showy and just seemed to fall off the trees. It really made me miss autumn like I knew they could be. This year has been a total 360.

I believe it is because of the lack of any significant rainfall since May of this year combined with the very high temperatures that accompanied this summer and even early and mid autumn. The colors just within the past two weeks have really shown up and they are actually spectacular. The cooler temperatures and the angle of the sun must have pushed them to change. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of any of this great autumn color; I just thought I would share my observations.

A tree that is very disappointing here in Florida for autumn color is the Crape Myrtle. These trees are so beautiful during the summer here like anywhere else but, the autumn color can’t be compared to their autumn color in states further up north.  At my house this year after our summer 90 degree everyday marathon ended in October and with the lack of rain the trees started to regrow leaves like it was spring. Most of the leaves from this past summer and spring had already fallen of just because of the trees not getting enough water. Now the new growth just recently seems confused and has started to color, although no very pretty. The Crapes are now looking like it’s winter, which is fitting since winter started December 1, well, meteorological winter. When the meteorological season start make a whole lot more sense to me and that is what I go by.

Winter Crape

 “A Winter Crape”


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Call the Ark!

Posted by Jake on 3 February, 2009

Okay, so, yesterday it started to rain around noon, but then it realy started to pour around 3pm. It just kept getting harder and harder and lasted until around 7pm. So, we got a ton of rain, but I have no clue how much at the moment, I will let you know soon. I took a video of it when it was rainging hard; after that it got even harder. I also just took pictures of one of my Hibiscus. Since the rain was pounding it and the wind is now blowing really fast it has really lost it’s leaves, it looks like a little fall scene. Autumn has finally arrived, lol.

I can’t find the video on my computer, so no video, just the autumn scene.

Autumn in Florida in February

Autumn in Florida in February

Tonight we are suppose to hit 27 here. The next two nights after that we are suppose to get down to 23 degrees, then back up to 70’s by the weekend.

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11 days until Vaentine’s Day!

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The Giants

Posted by Jake on 22 October, 2008

In my backyard there re two plants that have turned into giants in no time. Those plants are Castor Bean and Cavendish Banana Tree.

The Castor Bean is very big and grows taller daily, you can almost see the height difference daily. The only dissapoinsting aspect of this Castor Bean is the fact that it looks nothing like the plant I got the seeds off of. My Castor Bean was seed started; I put the seed in the ground and watering and it grew. The Castor Bean started to bloom over the weekend and I decided to cut it off yesterday. The plant was only meant to be a fast growing annual that I will probably take out next spring.

The Banana Tree was planted as a two to three foot tall plant that I got for $7.99. The plant really took off with the the heat and humidity of August and September. The Banana was putting out close to two leaves a week. Since the cooler weather as started it is down to about one leaf a week. The newest leaf is just HUGE!

There is also a picture of the Queen Palm  planted in June and a hanging basket I just made on a whim. The hanging basket come from me finding and old hanging basket holde and connected it to a normal pot. I put some I believe Purple Sweet Potato Vine cuttings, Boston Fern maybe, and Purple Grass in it. The picture was from Saturday and it has been growing for about three weeks. The vine is growing really fast. 

There you have itm the giants of Northeast Florida Paradise!


9 days untill Halloween!

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I am Back…Truly, Plus Halloween!

Posted by Jake on 20 October, 2008

I am back I swear, I just needed a break. The late summer heat and humidity just made me not in the mood to be outside. Now though, I am back and ready with the temps in the 70’s to low 80’s and lows in the 50’s and 60’s.

I have replaced the damaged Marigolds at the Mailbox Garden with two purple-pink Mums and two yellow plants called Bush Daisy. The Bush Daisies have fianlly started to bloom, I guess they needed to get settled. The Mums are lasting a longtime…I forgot how long thier blooms last once they do bloom.

I also have some pictures of the Halloween decorations. Since I last wrote I have added an inflatable skull with spiders on it.

Have a Good Day,


11 days untill Halloween!

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