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Back and With News

Posted by Jake on 4 October, 2009

Apparently the Hibiscus cannabinus has a calander and tell it is October, because on September 30th the plant started to bloom. I will not be posting a picture in this post because there haven’t been any blooms close to me or even in my yard. The plant now towers and leans over the back fence and my neighbor’s are getting to enjoy the beautifl blooms. As soon as it blooms in an easy picture taken part of th plant I will give you that picture. I will however give you some picture’s of close-up blooms.

Plumbago Blooms

Plumbago Blooms

I had a good break from writing and feel that it was needed. The Florida heat was getting to me and I was burnt out on writing. It was seeming more like work then for my enjoyment and yours and that is when I knew I needed to take a break. But, here I am about a month later and ready to write and share with you my autumn, winter and spring.



Okay, I guess I now need to tell you about my news. I will be moving back to Lexington, Kentucky next June. I for one am excited and looking forward to it. I haven’t been the happiest in Florida and obviously no fan of the climate as well, so I see this has a great oppurtunity. I am happy to tell you that you all will never hear from me again come June because I want you to see my yard in Kentucky. That means the start of a new blog, but that is okay.
I also now have  Red and White Texas Star Hibiscus seeds available for free until October 30th. Please email me at and put “Seeds” in the subject.
Have A Great Day,

5 Responses to “Back and With News”

  1. Darla said

    I love Plumbago, not a big fan of Spiderwort, grows like a weed around here…Congrats on your moving back to Kentucky…the climate here is tough for sure…we are natives..I guess we don’t know any better~~looking forward to your Kentucky gardens though.

    • Jake said

      I am sure if I was a native I would be okay. I saw Spiderwort last Ocotber blooming near a school in the grass as a weed. I dug it up and brought to my yard and I thought it had died. In the spring I noticed it was regrowing and started to bloom blue flower’s. It quit blooming in June and has just started blooming again last week. I wish the blooms wouldn’t close by the afternoon on hot days.


  2. WEll welcome back for a short time until we can see your old/new Kentucky home!!! Florida is a nice place, but for some of us, not the climate we can adjust to. I love KY and obviously you are happy. I am so glad and will wait to see photos of the new spot you call home. 🙂

    • Jake said

      Yes, I can’t adjust to this climate and I will defintely vacation down here. I see it as you either can live down here or vacation down here and I am the latter.

      The Muhly is starting to send up some shoots. I don’t have any in my yard, but the HOA has some planted on one of their walking paths.


  3. I can’t wait for when we can move to cooler climes too!! Florida is too damn hot for me in the Summer months!

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