Northeast Florida Paradise


Unknown Ornamental Grass

Posted by Jake on 7 September, 2009

This is an ornamental grass that I have had since last winter. It grew from a ver small mailorder size plant to what you see today. It started to bloom back at the end of July and is still blooming.


Old Plume

Old Plume

New Plume

New Plume


4 Responses to “Unknown Ornamental Grass”

  1. Darla said

    I know zip about grasses!!

    • Jake said

      That’s okay. Ornamental grasses seem to be less popular down here if it isn’t Pampass Grass, Pampass Garss, Muhly Grass or Fakahatchee Grass.


  2. Meems said

    I think it is called something like chinese ornamental grass?? I have a couple of them, too. As long as they get plenty of sun you should be very happy with it blooming all summer. If it gets floppy next season just cut it back in the spring … the new growth will pop out firmer and stand upright for you.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  3. The flower looks like a Pennisetum?

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