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August 2009 Weather Summary and 2009 Summer Summary

Posted by Jake on 1 September, 2009

The August 2009 Monthly Weather Summary:

Average High: 88f/31.1c   Avergae Low: 73f/22.7c   Average Rainfall: 6.57″/166.88mm

2009 High: 90f/32.2c   2009 Low: 75f/23.8c   2009 Rainfall: 5.32″/135.13mm

Departure: +2   Departure: +2   Departure: -1.25″/-31.75mm

Number of Lows at or Below 32F/0C degrees: 0

Number of Highs at or Above 90F/32.2C or Hotter: 17

Number of Records: 1, Tied and old record.

Highest Recorded Temperature: 101f/38.3c degrees on August 10th 

Lowest Recorded Temperature: 68f/20c degrees on August 24th


Summer 2009 Seasonal Summary: 1 June- 31 August

Average Summer High: 88f/31.1c   Average Summer Low: 72f/22.2c  Average Summer Rainfall: 19.40″/492.76mm

2009 Average Summer High: 91/32.8c   2009 Average Summer Low: 73f/22.8c 

2009 Average Summer Rainfall: 23.86″/606.04mm

High Departure: +3  Low Departure: +1  Rainfall Departure: +4.46″/+113.28mm


August was a dry and hot month with a lot of humidity, it was very miserable and I am glad it is over. The enitre summer wasn’t much better with us drying out badly at the end of June, July, and August after getting rain at the begining of each month. The wet season also never seemed to arrive this year which was a bummer.


3 Responses to “August 2009 Weather Summary and 2009 Summer Summary”

  1. Darla said

    The weather has been a bit strange hasn’t it?

  2. Jake said

    Yes, it has!


  3. mutango said

    hope 2010 will make up for 2009 mishaps

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