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Tropical Hibiscus

Posted by Jake on 31 August, 2009

This year as been a poor year for my tropical Hibiscus plants. I have two tht were planted before I was here, one a singel red flower and another that blooms both double peach and red flower’s. The double flower type has given me blooms since June despite only beinf four feet tall. The single type has given me one bloom back about two weeks ago and is 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall.

I also have two that have yet to bloom this year. One last year started to griw after I moved it to a better location and bloomed out around Thanksgiving and it’s flower got burned. It also ahs unusual leaves that I haven’t seen on other types of tropical Hibiscus. The other has never bloomed, so who know’s what color it will be. I hope they both will start to bloom before the summer is over.

Peach Hibiscus

All of the tropical Hibiscus burnt straight to the ground after experiencing temperature’s down to 23 degrees. They did fine through 32f-26f, but 23f just took them out. I guess I should be lucky they are here and came back at all, I would definitely say to keep having bloom from spring to summer and sporadically through the winter they need to be grown in zone 9b,25f-30f.


4 Responses to “Tropical Hibiscus”

  1. Darla said

    What a stunning shot of Jane Cowell, right? My hibiscus froze to the ground here too. So worth the wait when they return in the Spring..

  2. Jake said

    It could be Jane Cowell, I have no clue I didn’t plant it, I wish I did. I looked it up and it does look very much like my Hibiscus.They are worth the wait and I suppose if they froze every year it would be like waiting for a non-tropical perrenail to bloom for you. I just can’t believe I have had only one bloom out of my single-flower red Hibiscus.


  3. I have the worst luck with hibiscus – always seem to die and just before they grow back enough to flower, another frost gets them!

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