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Enjoy Your Weekend

Posted by Jake on 29 August, 2009

I hope that everyone enjoy’s their weekend! I know a lot of you will find your temperature’s dropping to October temperatures, but that is okay. This time of year is when you need a taste of fresh autumn air. Unfortunately, the weather will not make it’s way here in to Florida and we are suppose to be sweltering as usual.



I surprisingly have a Daylily that has staretd to bloom again and it’s not Stella D., I believe this one is ‘Hyperion’. ‘Penny’s Worth’ has started to bloom again to, so yay. These two have never rebloomed in Kentucky, maybe they were to young when I planted them or it is because they bloomed a month or two ahead of when they bloomed in Kentucky. I am glad to see the showing their faces again; Daylillies are great plants to have. 

4 Responses to “Enjoy Your Weekend”

  1. Darla said

    Cooler temps would be welcome here though! What a great day lily.

  2. Hi Jake, a welcome surprise indeed! Those late season daylilies are the best. I still don’t know what makes some of them send out more buds, but it seems to have something to do with extra watering. I love yours! 🙂

    • Jake said

      Thank you! You may be on to something, I just flooded that area a week or two ago and no they are at it again.


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