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Posted by Jake on 27 August, 2009

I just thought today I would show you how large my Elephant Ear hs gotten.

Elephant Ear Size

Elephant Ear Size


I also thought I would show you how large my Castor Bean has gotten since June when a part of it broke off. It is growing much taller and fuller. You can also see how tll the Queen Palm has gotten, it has grown fairly fast as well.

Castor Bean and Queen Palm

Castor Bean and Queen Palm


4 Responses to “GIANT”

  1. Dave said

    My what big ears you have!

    Sorry, had to say it! The look great. I’ve wanted to try castor beans but with two small kids I don’t need poisonous plants around.

    • Jake said

      Thnaks for making me laugh, lol. We have two small dogs who haven’t bothered the Castor Bean so far. It really is a fast grower. If you water it enough it can go from seed to 20ft tall in one season in your area. Wind is the enemy,


  2. Darla said

    Now, I am still waiting to find out if my plant is Castor Bean or Hibiscus….it’s about 8-10 feet tall now….

    • Jake said

      I hope you have a Hibiscus, they are prettier then a Castor Bean, lol. Growing that fast make sme think it is a Hibiscus and I think you should have blooms before any frost threatens us.


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