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Growth of Summer

Posted by Jake on 26 August, 2009

Sometimes whe I look at some of my plants I can’t tell they have grown and other times I actually can see that they have grown. It really surprises me how fast some plants are with no eatra cre except for watering and not too much of that. These are the plants that are so rewarding becasue you can give them so little and they still pay you back.

On Easter I got an Alocasia calidora and it is a plant that I didn’t think had grown that much. Well…it has actually grown a whole lot since Easter. The leaves are a lot larger and the trunk is a lot wider.

Alocasia 'Calidora'

Alocasia 'Calidora'

Another plant that seems not to have grown very much is my Longleaf Pine. It hasn’t gotten any taller, but it has been producing quite a few new needle’s and they are longer then the needle’s it had in the spring. Apparently it should start growing at fairly fast rate in another year or two.
Longleaf Pine

Longleaf Pine


A plant that has grown fast and I can tell it by just looking at it is my Loquat. It has grown so fast and is still growing, all it does is grow constantly it never stops. I hope it produces fruit this year just because I want to have the wonderful smelling flowers.



Then finally I have decided to throw in a picture of some Washingtoia filifera seedlings. The reason I am including it is because they have grown so much since I planted the seeds July 6. They are very fast growers!
Washingtonia filifera Seedlings

Washingtonia filifera Seedlings


8 Responses to “Growth of Summer”

  1. Taylor said

    Hey Jake,
    Where did you get your Longleaf Pine? I have been looking everywhere for one here in Virginia but can’t find them at all! If you have some down there, I would love to contact you about shipping one or 2 my way. At the least, I would love to know where you got yours!

    Thanks and great posts,

    • Jake said

      It was actually given to me by a teacher at a local Community College that has a greenhouse-nursery type thing. They had given all but this one away because they didn’t like the pines. I did find it for sale online at Mailorder Natives at:

      I have ordered form them and they do sale great plants and have actual ent me a freebie along with the plants I bought.

      Do you have a blog, I may have commented on it, but it is hard sometimes to remeber names with blogs, lol.


  2. Darla said

    Somethings you can actually see growing. The ragin cajun ruellia was a gift..I’ll ask where it was purchased..

    • Jake said

      Thank You, all that HD or Lowe’s seem to have are they Katie varieties and the ‘Purple Showers’ tall purple type.


  3. ChrisC said

    We had a loquat tree,and it was the biggest grew way too big,was messy.The squirrels would eat the fruit up at the top,get drunk and fall out of the tree.Took us forever to get rid of the babies it put out,too.Love your alocasia,too.

    • Jake said

      Wow, I haven’t heard of these issues with Loquat. I doubt it will actually bloom anytime soon due to it’s size. There is one down the street that is way larger about 10-12 feet tall and it didn’t bloom or fruit last year.

      The Alocasia was actually soemthing that Home Depot had randomly Easter Weekend, glad you liked it.


  4. Hi Jake, those leaves would make some mighty fine leaf castings! I do think pines grow veerrrryyy slowly. Congrats on those fast growing babies. 🙂

    • Jake said

      Thank You for the kind compliments. I really want to do a leaf casting on my Alocasia and Elephant Ear’s. It bhas been something I wanted to do since I planted my first Ear in 2007 in KY. Do you have any tip’s on that subject, I may look online tonight. Believe it or not this time next year those babies will have the split palm fronds and may have a young developed trunk.


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