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Yesterday’s Storms

Posted by Jake on 23 August, 2009

Yesterday we got some storms that were packing wind, rain, thunder, and lightning. I went out right before it came a rushed to get the yard done since it was so tall. It was the coolest I have ever mowed down here and I mowed last November. Then right at the end in the backyard it started lightning and was a little scary. I got it mowed and stood in the rain because it felt so nice and cool and I am so tired of the heat.

The storms or rains just keep damaging the Hibiscus cannabinus. In one area the roots loosen up and it falls over. Then anohter one just blows to the side while two others get waited down by the water.  The one that is in the third picture finally had one of it’s limbs weakend and must have fallen overnight.

Hibiscus Cannabinus Fell

Hibiscus Cannabinus Blown To The Side

Hibiscus Cannabinus Blown To The Side


Hibiscus cannabinus Rain Heavy

Hibiscus cannabinus Rain Heavy

I did notice that the Colocasia ‘Big Dipper’ was doing it’s job nd was holding rainwater. I was able to get a picture which made me very happy. I’m not sure why I never thought to go out after it rained to get a picture before, lol.

Colocasia 'Big Dipper'

Colocasia 'Big Dipper'


5 Responses to “Yesterday’s Storms”

  1. Hey Jake!

    My mom, who is not much of a gardener, planted some Hibiscus cannabinus, although I wasn’t sure of the name until just now. The joke around the family is “Ummm . . . Dad, what exactly Mom growing in that garden?? And would you like some cheetos?”

    • Jake said

      That is really funny! Mine is growing through my neighbor’s fence, so I hope they don’t think it is weed. It would be kind of funny if they tried to smoke it, lol. They don’t look like that type of person.

      I got some seeds from some woman online on GardenWeb. Mine is suppose to bloom purple, but there are other colors. It’s common name is October Rose I believe; it is because it blooms in fall usually in October.


  2. Tatyana said

    Hi Jake! I love the last picture with that huge drop of water!
    I am back from my Kauai vacation and ready to start sending the foxglove seeds. They need to be sown now, since the plant is biannual and needs to grow this year for the next summer bloom.
    Happy gardening!

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