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Stella and the Canna

Posted by Jake on 21 August, 2009

This summer I have had two plants that have really impressed me in the blooming department. Stella D’Oro Daylillies really live up to thier reputation of constant blooms. Even in Florida it just took a little break during mid-July through now, late-August and is now blooming again.

Stella D'Oro

Stella D'Oro

The other plant has been some Orange Canna’s that were planted by the someone else before I moved here. They were in shade last year and I moved them to the back in full sun. They started blooming in June I believed and haven’t really stopped. I think I like Canna’s better when they just bloom once a year in late-summer or fall, mainly because they are very messy when thier blooms drop. They are still pretty and one of my better performers.
Orange Canna

Orange Canna


4 Responses to “Stella and the Canna”

  1. Darla said

    Very nice! Cannas are great plants as long as they are a little off from the gardens…my opinion.

  2. rusty said

    I love cannas, I have serveral in my garden but this year they are under attack from snails

    • Jake said

      I only like certain ones and probably wouldn’t have planted these guys if I had bought Canna’s. Because of thier mess I like the better in a climte where they just bloom for a short period of time in August or September. I have ahd them bloom twice in KY once in August and again the first of Novemeber then they were frosted.


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