Northeast Florida Paradise


The Will to Survive

Posted by Jake on 19 August, 2009

It truly is amazing that plants try to live no matter what happens to them. One day last week I noticed a bloom in the middle of the grass. I couldn’t think what it could possibly other then a weed. As I got up on it I saw it was a Morning Glory; I picked it up and tried to see if it was rooted in the ground. I thought maybe I had dropped seeds or the plant had made it’s own seeds and the plant was able to grow since it had been two weeks since I mowed. Once I picked it up I saw that it was not rooted and in fact was the piece I cut from the vine two dys before. Now, two days fter ebing cut with no water or rain and in full hot sun it was blooming. I left it there and I doubt it survived after that, but I thought it was pretty amazing.

Laying on Grass

Laying on Grass

Close Shot if the Bloom

Close Shot if the Bloom


2 Responses to “The Will to Survive”

  1. Darla said

    Grandpa Otts Morning Glory at that~~~~

  2. Jake said

    You know your Morning Glories don’t you? lol.


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