Northeast Florida Paradise


Variegated Texas Palmetto

Posted by Jake on 18 August, 2009

I noticed Sunday that my Texas Palmetto that I talked about a few weeks ago had a new frond opening up, but something was different. Upon closer inspection I noticed part of the frond was lighter with the regular green. It seems that it has pushed out a variegated frond and it looks like the one coming up next has the look of variegation as well. What do you think?




Close Up



4 Responses to “Variegated Texas Palmetto”

  1. ChrisC said

    Interesting……..Are you sure it’s just not new growth color?

    And I love your Buddha in the previous post!

  2. Darla said

    There’s always a ‘little’ mystery to gardening, isn’t there?

  3. Jake said

    None of the other fronds have done this while coming out. This one may not be variegated and doing that, but it certainly is the first frond to do so.

    Thanks, my Buddha always seems to get comments when thier are pictures of it. It was actually bought at Lowe’s last year for my tropical area in Kentucky. I have been impressed the paint hasn’t faded in the strong Florida sun.


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