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Longtime Not Seen

Posted by Jake on 15 August, 2009

I haven’t showed you my Cast Iron Plants, Aspidistra elatior, since may when I planted it. I didn’t realize until I looked up my last post on them that was back on May 10th when they were planted. It doesn’t seem that long ago, I thought they were just planted in June, oh well, I was wrong. The Cast Iron Plant is hardy to at least zone 6 and possibly root hardy to zone 5.  It likes the shade in hotter locations or really anywhere else as well. It can take more sun in more northern locations.

My plant really stopped growing after I quit watering after getting it established and the lack of antural rain fall. I started to water it nightly last week and it has started to send up a ton of new leaves. It doesn’t grow as fast  without water apparently, but will live and send up leaves occasionally and slowly in drought.

Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant

Next is my Buddha in the garden. It is still standing against the hostile Florida weather and is flanked by a Chinese Yellow Banana and a Musa Basjoo. This area really looks better then it did last year or even earlier this year in the spring.
Buddha's Sanctuary

Buddha's Sanctuary


4 Responses to “Longtime Not Seen”

  1. Darla said

    I do not have the Cast Iron plant….it seems everyone else around town does though.. Looking good!!

    • Jake said

      Thanks, I have wanted one for a longtime, well, back to 2007 in KY. They look great for a shade plant. There are even some variegated ones I would like to obtain one day.


  2. tina said

    Good morning Jake. I am most excited to see the Cast Iron plant. I have it growing here in my garden; which is Zone 6/7. It does fine but come spring it is most brown and set back a bit. I’ve had it here for about 4 years and love it! The foliage is a great vertical accent. I like how you have yours on the fence as it can complement the vertical accents of the fence. Good luck finding some variegated ones. I think you can pick them up cheaply sometimes at big box store sales.

    • Jake said

      Thank You. I too think it looks great next to the fence. It was pretty much my only shade that I had left. It is great that you are growing it, at least it comes back from the roots.


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