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Happy Blooms

Posted by Jake on 13 August, 2009

Despite the lack of rain there are plenty of blooms around the yard that never fail to show thier face. I said I would show you the Texas White Star Hibiscus when it bloomed, so I included  picture of it.

Texas White Star Hibiscus

Texas White Star Hibiscus

Mexican Petunia

Mexican Petunia

Castor Bean

Castor Bean

The Castor Bean as really filled back out after a storm took out a section. I hope it will at least survive this year, but we have storms moving in now at 1:08am and you know these storms are serious to have formed in the middle of the night. Then we have all of the stuff in the Atlantic Ocean that I am confident could take out the tree. The rain would be nice though and would add some interest to the boring FL weather. I don’t want anything dangerous, but the rain would be nice.

6 Responses to “Happy Blooms”

  1. Sunita said

    Castor bean plants grow like weeds here in Mumbai but I think they’re very pretty in an architectural-kind of way. Its a pity its so invasive (here at least).
    I really echo your feelings about rain, though. We’re in the middle of our monsoon season and there’s no rain in sight.And we need it really bad!

    • Jake said

      You are probably worst off in the rain department since you are suppose to be in monsoon season. Castor Bean hasn’t proven to be very invasive for me so far. I think the reason being is I try to cut off the blooms and storms here seem to knock the blooms or seeds off the tree before the seed can mature. I have seen them growing wild in Orlando close to the downtown area where thier are fields next to the interstate. I believe they are beautiful plants as well.


  2. Darla said

    Really don’t want any severe weather either!!! Rain, yeah, that would be nice. Love the Hibiscus…your Mexican Petunia, Ruellia, is it as invasive there as it is here? From the looks of your Castor Bean stalk, I’m leaning towards my mystery plant being a red leaf hibiscus..fingers crossed! Your Banana Tree looks nice and healthy. Why I don’t have you in my blogroll is yet another mystery…one that I can solve though…

    • Jake said

      We are getting storms now, nothing major, just thunder and light rain. That Banana is probably my best grower out of al of my Bananas. The Red Leaf Hibiscus looks really cool and I hope that is your mystery seed.


  3. Darla said

    Gotcha’ on there now!!

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