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Purple Ornamental Sweet Potato Roots

Posted by Jake on 31 July, 2009

I can see why these plants are invasive in the places where the winter cold does not touch them. I just hope I got it all, I believe I did.  I just wanted to show you the size of this root; very large.

Purple Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine Root

Purple Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine Root


7 Responses to “Purple Ornamental Sweet Potato Roots”

  1. Meems said

    Those roots are pretty remarkable. When my chartreuse green one froze to the ground this winter I could see extremely large roots showing. Now the plant has covered over them again but I was really surprised to see that ginormous ‘potato looking’ root.

    • Jake said

      I saw smaller roots that were exposed after mine froze back this past winter. I was expecting this large of a root though.


  2. Darla said

    I just love this!!! I have some large tater roots on some of mine too!!

  3. Darla said

    Oh, the poinsettia I have had in a container since Christmas……just decided to plop it in the ground and give it a go…

  4. Lola said

    I’ve never seen sweet potato roots that large before. I still have mine in pots. Maybe that has something to do with it.

    • Jake said

      I would leave them in thier pots as they ARE very invasive if you live in an area where they will live through the winter. I would think the pots are the reason why the roots of your plants are not that large.


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