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Beauties and the Beast

Posted by Jake on 23 July, 2009

Today I would like to show you two plants that  just love. The two plants are an Unknown Elephant Ear and a Texas Palmetto. I won’t tell you bout the beast, you will see it in a minute.

This unknown Colocasia or Elephant Ear is the best speciemen of this type out of 6 of them.

Unknown Elephant Ear

Unknown Elephant Ear

The Texas Palmetto is of course a Palmetto native to the state of Texas.  The main difference between the Palmetto and the Texas Palmetto is that the Texas Palmetto has a bigger crown of fronds and it is more cold hardy. The source I got my Texas Palmetto from stated they were hardy to zone 7.
My Texas Palmetto survived a freeze after rain outside in Kentucky after a warm February day I left it out in a container and forgot about it. It didn’t lose any fronds, but it did seem to set it back and hardly grew once I planted it here in Florida. This year it seems to have recovered and settled in and has really set off in growth. It is one beautiful palm. 
Before I show you the picture please be sure to take notice that I have just written “Texas Palmetto” four times underneath each other and it was not on purpose.
Texas Palmetto

Texas Palmetto

Okay, so are your eady to see the beast. It is a Lizard and I just wnated to show you how nasty they look. I am not a fan of reptiles like Lizards or Snakes, I do like Turtles. That little red thing is one of the things that creep me out. I didn;t get to close to take this picture, zoom works great. This particular Lizard was hanging out on my front Banana Tree.
Nasty Lizard

Nasty Lizard




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