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Delightful Observations

Posted by Jake on 21 July, 2009

I thought today I would post what I think are delightful observations that I noticed in my yard. My first observation was yesterday, sadly, it felt good, yes, 88 and low humidity felt good to me. That is crazy; let me say it really didn’t feel good, it felt better. It was still hot, but not s bad with the lack of humidity in the morning and this evening, the middle of the day was quite warm and humid. The day ended with a slight cool breeze and heat lightning that has been going on since it got dark and it is still going as of 1:24am. Wow, I have used a lot of  commas in this paragraph, lol.

Now, secondly I thought I would show you my Crepe Myrtles.  I would rather of red or white ones and I saw a purple one in Orlando this past Friday that I really liked. I do like the hot pink, but sadly, I have only one of those and two light pink ones. My three Crepe’s are past thier peak bloom, but I wasn’t here for it, I was in Lexington.

Crepe Myrtle One

Crepe Myrtle One

Crepe Myrtle Two

Crepe Myrtle Two

Crepe Myrtle Three

Crepe Myrtle Three

Now onto one of my new favorite Colocasia or Elephant Ears. It is the Colocasia ‘Big Dipper’, it is suppose to have raised leaf edges and cup water. It is similiar to the Colocasia ‘Coffee Cups’ that isn’t has hardy as this one.  After a random down pur Saturday I went out and got a picture of my smaller one and got a shot of it holding water. I think it woud have held more water had the leaf been larger, which when the plant matures it will be, and if it wasn’t close to where the water falls from the roof and hits the leaf a little.  I have been mening to show you this, but always forgot after a rain shower or storm.
Colocasia 'Big Dipper' Doing It's Job

Colocasia 'Big Dipper' Doing It's Job

I am excited to announce that my Texas Star Hibiscus, Red and White, is about to bloom. I have read they don’t always bloom their first season and really glad thay they are going to for me. I will of course have an update and pictures when they do open up. For now a picture of the Red Texas Star’s buds will have to do, here it is.
Red Texas Star Hibiscus About To Bloom

Red Texas Star Hibiscus About To Bloom

I haven’t showed a picture of my Longleaf Pine in awhile.  Mainly because it is in a corner of a bed behind a large Magnolia Tree and I do forget about it. It has put out a lot of new needle’s, but at the same time it has also lost a lot. I don’t think it was getting enough water before a week ago. It is now growing green new needle’s again.
Longleaf Pine

Longleaf Pine

I hope that you enjoyed this post. I wanted to show some things that I had forgotten about and also soemthing I had been meaning to show you.

6 Responses to “Delightful Observations”

  1. Darla said

    I have a few crepes too. When they are young and the branches soft I twist them together. Will post that in the winter. Texas Red Star..please keep us posted on that one. We have very large elephant ears in our woods. I posted the tipsy planter, hope you can understand the de-structions (as my husband would say). Let me know if you want to know more.

  2. Jake said

    Okay, thanks. I will get over there and look at later tonight. I look forward to the Crepe Myrtle post this winter. I should have seed from both the red and white Texas Star Hibiscus after they bloom I can send you. They cam up easily from seed in January that I got from a man In Tennessee last fall.


  3. Darla said

    Please do try the tipsy planter. What good are gardening blogs and friends it we can’t glean from one another. Just make sure I get to see it!!

  4. Jake said

    I will; I have no idea when I will make it though.


  5. GreenJeans said

    Love those Crepe Myrtles! Mine is only about 2′ high. Patience…

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