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Mailbox Bed Renovation

Posted by Jake on 13 July, 2009

Last fall I planted two Mums and two Bush Daisies for an autumn scene at the mailbox. This past spring I moved the Mums around back and planted different annuals. The Bush Daisies just kept growing and growing and as they were they were smothering the annuals and the Purple Fountain Grass. I decided yesterday the Bush Daisies had to go; they had grown from small $3 annuals to small shrub size plants.

At Home Depot I picked up three pots of Heliconia and a Croton ‘Mammy’. That is seriously what the tag on the Croton said, lol. I planted them and divided the Lirope that was already there and left the Purple Fountain Grass. The area now look a lot better and less growded. It is also nice to add more of a tropical look t the front yard. Now lets go on to the pictures:

Mailbox Bed Sideview

Mailbox Bed Overview

Mailbox Bed Overview

Heliconia Bloom

Heliconia Bloom

Croton 'Mammy'

Croton 'Mammy'


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6 Responses to “Mailbox Bed Renovation”

  1. Is Heliconia the same as Birds of Paradise? Looks nice! Very tropical.

    • Jake said

      I do not believe they are related to the Bird of Paradise, they just closely resemble it. They will stay a lot smaller then a Bird of Pardise would get and that is what I needed for the mailbox.

      Thank You.


  2. Darla said

    Looks so organized Jake. Come see the organized confusion I posted around my mailbox!! Don’t you dare laugh at it either..

    • Jake said

      I like organized, but due to trying to supress weeds here in FL and due to my smaller yard I keeping “fitting” stuff into it looks unorganized. I am going riht now to see your post on your page.


  3. Meems said

    You got rid of bush daisies? ACK. I just love the fact they are so hardy. They didn’t even freeze this winter. But I can see how they could be too big for that spot.

    That’s a perfect place for the Heliconia. It is SO tropical looking and stays a nice size. I have a feeling that fountain grass will have to be moved at some point…

    • Jake said

      I just didn’t have room for them anywhere else they had to to be about four feet wide and two feet high. The Fountain Grass may have to be move, it is having a hard time coming back this year.



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