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Three New Plants

Posted by Jake on 6 July, 2009

Right before I left for Kentucky in June I planted a Peruvian Daffodil, Hymenocallis festalis. Well, I forgot about it until yesterday I noticed something coming through the mulch. At first I thought it was an Amaryllis, but I knew I hadn’t planted an Amaryllis there. Anyway, I am now excited again, because it is like a new plant that I now have, but forgot about.

Purvian Daffodil

Purvian Daffodil

The second new plant is called Rough Horsetail, Equisetum hyemale. It is a plant that I was interested when I lived in Kentucky, but never actually purchased it. What reminded me of it was at an amusement park called Kings Island in Ohio that I visted when I was in Kentucky. It was planted near a que line for a roller coaster and I sw it and thought to myslef what it was. It finally came to me and I was like, “I have to get some of it.”, so I did.



While looking online on the site I bought the Horsetail I saw the Broadleaf Cattail,  Typha latifolia. I know it is an odd purchase, but I like the way they look and thought I would try one out. We will see how it goes and I will ofcourse report it here.




I got the Horsetail and Cattail from a nursery in Memphis, TN called Dove Creek Gardens. I ordered them on a Friday night and they arrived last Friday for me to plant. I would reccomend them for your Ornamental Grass, Bamboo, and Water Garden Plant needs.

I hope you had a great Fourth of July and I hope you have a great week. We are suppose to get quite a bit of rain through Thursday, I really hope the weatherman is right.



2 Responses to “Three New Plants”

  1. Randy said

    Hey Jake! Don’t you just love gettting new plants? I don’t usually comment about the plants people buy, but I thought I might should mentions something. You do know that horsetail is EXTREMELY invasive? Of course we have some plants people consider invasive too. If you weren’t aware of it when you purchased it I would consider keeping it as a potted plant.I’ve always thought it was a cool looking plant.

  2. Jake said

    I have read it is invasive I will watch it. It seems here in FL almost any plant can become invasive, lol. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting, please continue.

    Thank you for your concern,


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