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I’m Back

Posted by Jake on 29 June, 2009

Okay, so I got back from Kentucky early Sunday morning. Looking around the yard I was happy to see I didn’t lose all that much. My two Petunia baskets died despit being watered every other day, I expected it as they were all ready losing the battle to the heat and humidity before I left. Some of the plants have really grown like some of the Banana Trees and Hibiscus. The Sunflowers decided to open up while I was gone and look great.

One disappoint ment was the Catipillars have put holes all over my Castor Bean, Purple Ornamental Vine, Moonflower and Moon Vine. I also found soem bulbs that I had no idea what they were so I planted them and waterted them before I left. Well, when I got back Sunday I saw they had really grown, they are Caladiums, but what is odd is that  they are growing in full all day Sun and have only been getting watered on Wednesdays and Saturdays since I have been gone. My area has not seen much rain while I was gone. I thought they needed sun to grow, defintely in Florida.

My ‘Pandora’s Box’ Daylily has bloomed and is a little on the small size. I now it is stunted due to me moving it a lot since it arrived in the mail to me. I am thinking about starting a new bed with two fale Palm Trees that I bought in Kentucky. I have already planted a Rose fo Sharon, I got from my Aunt’s house in KY, to the right of the larger palm tree. I am wanting to plant some low growing unique plants at the base of the fake Palms so they do not get blocked, have any ideas?  

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One Response to “I’m Back”

  1. Meems said

    Glad you’re back… I hope it was little cooler in KY. I like your red caladiums. They will provide a bright spot in your garden for many months.

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