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Hello, June

Posted by Jake on 6 June, 2009

Well, June has arrived here in Northeast Florida and the May blooms have started to fade, but some plants still persist. The Society Garlic’s really benifitted from the drought I think , they are blooming like crazy and look so full. The recent rains finally brought my Beach Sunflower into bloom; I cn’t wait untill this thing is covered in little yellow blooms.

Not everything here as been all sun and fun. Thursday night we had a pretty bad storm and it caused my Castor Bean Tree to break in the middle. It rested on top of the Queen Palm all  night and I cut it off Friday morning. The Castor Bean had been having a lot of yellow leaves and I wonder if it was magnesium deficiency and that made it weaker then normal. It has taken even stronger winds and harder rain then this storm produced. I have bought Epsom Salt and hope that it helps with the yellowing.

While cutting the Castor Bean Friday morning I noticed how pretty the sky looked with the clouds left over from the past nights storms. I had to take pictures of course and they turned out great.

That is what is going on around here so far in June. I believe I will be getting my first Acidanthera blooms, yay! A lot of the Ditch Daylillies are also sending up scape’s which means blooms will soon follow. Thank you for reading and enjoy your Saturday.



2 Responses to “Hello, June”

  1. Oh Man! That stinks about the castor. BTW, the elephant ear on my site is just your run-of-the-mill normal elephant ear. Nothing special really.

  2. Jake said

    I know, broke my heart! It will be back to that size in a few weeks if all this rain continues and it gets really hot. That Elephant Earslooks differnt to me, oh well, there are so many differnt kinds out there.


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