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May 2009 Monthly Weather Summary

Posted by Jake on 2 June, 2009

The May 2009 Monthly Weather Summary:

Average High: 82F   Avergae Low: 65F   Average Rainfall: 3.55″

      2009 High: 84F         2009 Low: 67F       2009 Rainfall: 11.02″

        Departure: +2           Departure: +2                 Departure: +7.47″

Number of Lows at or Below 32F degrees: 0

Number of Highs at or Below 90F 0r Hotter: 9

Number of Records: 6, 3 were ties, 3 were new records

Highest Recorded Temperature: 94F degrees on May 11th

Lowest Recorded Temperature: 61F degrees on May 2nd


This month was a month of heat and drought at the begining of the month and then turned into a deluge. The last part was unsettled and stormy, but it was hot. The rain was much needed, but the flooding some areas recieved were not. We recieved jus over 9″ of rain from the main storm system that began May 17th and ended May 22nd.

June 1st was the start of the 2009 Hurricane Season for all of us along the United States coast.



4 Responses to “May 2009 Monthly Weather Summary”

  1. Tatyana said

    Hi Jake! It’s funny: it was 80F here today and I was miserable, but our neighbor told me that he considers 80F to be cool when he is in Florida.

  2. When you have a month like May, who needs a hurricane? And Tatyana, 80 is nuttin’.

  3. Jake said

    I know; we got a little less rain then we had with Fay. 80 is nothing down here, lol, everywhere else it is July/August, lol.

  4. I am ready!

    May 2009 Monthly Weather Summary « Northeast Florida Paradise

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