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Native Plant or Weed(Which Maybe Native) or Nethier

Posted by Jake on 23 May, 2009

I will do a post on the rain in a day or two. I thought I would just give some pictures and give you a question. The smaller pictures can eb clicked on to make larger and then clicke on again t make even more larger.

I have this plant growing all over in my backyard all in the grass. I mow it down and a week later it has already grown back out. I didn’t mow last week and now with all this rain they have really grown and one I noticed was blooming. The foliage is lace-like and the flowers looked blue the first day and are now more a purple color. Have any clue what it could be? I potted it up in case it turns out to actually be something.

Unknown Plant Overview

Unknown Plant Overview

Unknown Plant Flower

Unknown Plant Flower

The rain has made my front yard look great! I now know I have an orange Tiger Lily blooming, it is a great Lily. The Queen Palm surrounded by concrete is a beautiful scene. The purple Impatient and Begonia have both really grown quickly since be planted and growing back from frost. The Caladium was moved from the backyard because it was getting to much sun. It now has a bloom and is doing well.

 Tiger Lily?

Front Queen Palm

Front Queen Palm


The Pink China Elephant Ear really took the drought and heat badly. I think it has something to do with it being able to survive in the ground regularly in zone 6. It didn’t apparently appreciate the hose and sprinkler water. It was looking all shriveled and had quit growing. It grew the fastest out of all my Elephant Ears in this rain and the pink on the stems is really starting to show up.

Pink China Elephant Ear

Pink China Elephant Ear


I just noticed this morning when I was taking these pictures that a small fern leaf had came up on its own. I have planted TN Ostrich Ferns this spring, but they are nowhere near this area and I never took the bags over there. Does anyone know of a native Fern that would just pop up on it’s own in my landscape? It had to come with the cypress or pine bark mulch i bought from Wal-Mart in April.

Wild Fern

Wild Fern


Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend. For all of Northeast Florida residents I hope we dry out, although I have heard we might not as much as they thought orginally.



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