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Posted by Jake on 17 May, 2009

I thought I would do a little update on stuff that is going on here. This past week has been a rainy week, yeah right, we have recieved 0.05″ of rain for the week. We are suppose to get more storms tomorrow and possibly constant rain from Monday thru Wednesday. The sprinklers are just keeping everything alive, but to grow we need some natural rainfall. I actually think the grass is starting to reject any form of city water weather from the sprinklers or hose. In other news we may have our first tropical storm of the season form; isn’t that just lovely news!

The Cactus has started to bloom its beautiful yellow flowers. I have a love-hate relationship with it; it can hurt you so badly, yet the yellow flowers make up for it. The flowers this year have been so large, it must be the lack of rain.

I also have all my Elephant Ears growing like crazy. Elephant Ears and Banana Trees are some of the only plants that don’t care if they get water from the tap or from the sky, they take all you can give them and grow like crazy. I do have to say I have been dissapointed in the spped of thier growth. They are fast growers, but the speed has been the same as it ever was in Kentucky. I guess they are on the highest speed anyway, so no matter where they are gorwn they grow very fast. Another observation has been the Black Magic Elephant Ear grows just as painfully slow has it did in Kentucky, lol, not a great observation.

I have a Lily from Kentucky blooming, the only one to come back from the winter. I guess it had a lower chill time then Stargazer, Easter Lily and other Lillies. I have Mums blooming, I tried pinching the blooms like you have to do in KY in July, but they grew back with in a few weeks. I will just let it bloom and then cut them back and hope they come back for an autumn bloom. Then I also have some Cannas in bloom, yay! I must have a dwarf type due to them blooming at such a short height.


I hope everyone enjoys the end of thier weekend and hope if you are to rainy you dry out and if you are to dry you get rain. We are suppose to, hopefully get rain, like already said and it may get below normal temperature wise within the next week.



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