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It’s So Hot I Can See Stuff Growing

Posted by Jake on 23 April, 2009

It really turned out to be a hot day today, but not humid thankfully! My thermometer hit 94F for our high and it is in the shade no sun hits it at all. Our forecasted high was 89F, which was right for Northern Jacksonville. I feel like for an area so large there needs to be more weather station around the area, becuase the airport is always cooler. Myabe they could avergae together all of the weather stations data.

Anyway, I can actually tell a differnce in my Elephant Ear’s from this morning to now, they have grown! It is currently 91 at my house and no breeze from the beaches has arrived yet. It was foggy this morning, so fogy it blocked out the sun. I got some great picture though, I was really able to catch the right colors of the plants. I will post those picture soon.

Have A Great Day,



2 Responses to “It’s So Hot I Can See Stuff Growing”

  1. Anne said

    Ouch! too hot for me… hope your breezes come back…. thanks for your nice comment on my feather grass post!

  2. Jake said

    Thank You! Too hot for me as well, I sometimes think I will melt in this Florida heat. I don’t mind 90’s for a heat wave in the summer for like a week or two, lol.


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