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Trachycarpus fourtunei(Windmill Palm) Seedlings

Posted by Jake on 19 April, 2009

In January I recieved a generous amount of seeds from a man in Tennessee. It was his Windmill Palms first time to set seed and he sent me some isn’t that so cool. I planted just 7 of them in January, not sure why such a wierd amount, lol. They were all just started on a wet cotton pad and misted, no other thing was used in thier germination. Since we live in Florida we don’t get as cold as everyone else and on coolest our house gropped to 67 degrees and would get back up to 73 during the day. I read that Windmill Palm seed germinates best when left unheated.

In late February to early March I noticed that all the seeds had sprouted roots, but no leaves. I did some more research on line and found no leaves would sprout unless the roots were in dirt. The 7 went into dirt and about two weeks later some sent up a leaf. Like with all Palm Tree seedlings the first leaves look like blades of grass. The first week of April the seeds were moved outside underneath the window they had germinated on. They are still recieving natural pasrt sun light and seem to be doing well. One of the four remaing seeds has recently sent up its first leaf, I am just waiting on the other three now.

I wnated to start these to prove to myself I could, I seem to be impatient when it comes to waiting for seeds to germinate and sprout. I also wanted to make plants available in a few years for friends and family in Kentucky who have asked if I would plant one for themor I have gotten them to agree to let me plant one, lol. Plus, I want to have some trees for my own use if I move back to KY or somewhere else cold and it is one of my favorite palms truly.

I plan to do a post on the Windmill Palm in the near future for those interested in the Cold Tolerant Palms series type thing I have been writing.


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2 Responses to “Trachycarpus fourtunei(Windmill Palm) Seedlings”

  1. Tatyana said

    I am wondering how long does it take for them to reach at least a foot?

  2. Jake said

    I am trying to find that out from the guy I got the seed from. The seed was very easy to germinate and I know they grow really fast, and would do great where you are located.


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