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New Stuff

Posted by Jake on 18 April, 2009

I yet again went out with no intention to buy anything and look guess what? I cam home with two new plants a Daylily which I am going to try and figure out what kind it is. It is a beauty though. I also got something I have been wanitng since last year…a Foxtail Palm, yay! This is probably my favorite Non-Cold-Tolerant Palm Tree. I got these great plants at a Target Garden Center. I love that the Targets down here have garden centers and really good ones at that. They are all stocked with unique plants that you can not find anywhere else and they are super cheap. I got the Daylily for $4.99 and the Foxtail Palm for $15.99.

I do have a question for those in Florida; why do you spell Daylily, Day Lily? I have never seen this until I moved here and even in books for Florida with Florida writers they seperate the Day and Lily part. Just curious, no judgement. I figure it is because Daylilies are not popular here or don’t seem to be and most other Lilies are spelt with the Lily part seperated.

On to the pictures:

Have A Great Weekend,



4 Responses to “New Stuff”

  1. There are a million different ways to spell Crape Myrtle, Crepe Myrtle, Crepemyrtle, or Crapemyrtle. I’ve lived all over the country and all sorts of plants have this happen to them. I think it’s fun. Your purchases will sure add a lot to your garden.

  2. Jake said

    Oh, I know, I was just wondering why. Thanks, they already make the garden look a lot better. Hey, there is another one a “garden”. Garden-Landscape or Yard; Garden-Growing plant for food.

    Not a differnt spelling, but a differnt meaning.

    Thnaks for visiting,


  3. Tatyana said

    It’s a beautiful daylily! I have yellow and orange ones, but would prefer this color. I like that they spread fast and I’m able to divide them and share with friends.
    I like your fence Jake!

  4. Jake said

    I really like Daylilies, not to many down here! I plant to get more, search Oakes Daylilies, I have heard great stuff about them and they have some unique ones. I plan on ordering later on this year.

    I hate the fences down here in my neighborhood, they look plesant, but you cn’t see the St. Augustine Grass growing up it where you can’t get to it. I think with a differnt type of grass it would be okay. It is nice to have a free trellis, both sides get to enjoy the vine!



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