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My Amaryllis Bloomed

Posted by Jake on 15 April, 2009

This Amaryllis didn’t bloom last year or in 2007(the year it was planted). It was planted in Kentucky and sent up leaves, but never bloomed. It took 3 degrees three different times during the 2007-2008 winter and survived. I had three of them and all survived and the other two had sent up thier flowers before I left my house in Kentucky last May 29. I brought this speacial little one with, the one that never even tried to bloom, but I thought it would travel better then one that was about to bloom.

I noticed on March 26th that my Amaryllis was sending up the little flower bud the ones in Kentucky sent up before they bloomed. I was very excited to see this and thought I would take a picture of it daily; that is what I did. I plan to make a video of it, like a time lapse, but I don’t have it even started yet.  I believe that this Amaryllis is ‘Red Lion’, it has the orange-red color that is described for that one and from what I saw in pictures. I included a picture of my Amaryllis with Buddha.

I plan on getting more Amaryllis soon! I hope there are still some when Wal-Mart marks the bulbs down 50%. That is how I obtained this one and it’s brothers still in Kentucky. There are two kinds I want to order online, I don’t even remember what they are called, but they are on my want list.

Have A Great Day,


P.S. I am glad no one was hurt during our wicked storms! I recieved close to 4.50″ of rain and the winds really blew here and apparently a funnel cloud blew went over our neighborhood, scray!


6 Responses to “My Amaryllis Bloomed”

  1. Buddha-men love amaryllis!

  2. Jake said

    My camera told me that “one or more subjects may have closed thier eyes”, lol. I couldn’t believ it picked up its face.


  3. Darla said

    Those are beautiful blooms. Mine are nowhere ready to bloom yet. Back to the ruellia…… asked abut the purple which is Mexican Petunia, I have tons of it, I guess I was brain dead or something when I asnwered your question. Anyway, the Mexican Petunia is everywhere and on the invasive list at

  4. I love Amaryllis Lily and have gone crazy after seeing different kinds over at Jan’s (
    Yours look awesome. I love this red cultivar.

  5. Jake said

    Darla, I have the purple one and I like it. I was wondering if the red one blooms as much as the purple one.


  6. Jake said

    Chandramouli.S, thanks! I really do like the Amaryllis and hope to get more!


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