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Be Safe My Fellow North-Central Florida Bloggers!

Posted by Jake on 13 April, 2009

These storms have already thrown down a lot of rain here. It is also really thundering so loud and the lightning is really bad! This is only the pre show too, this isn’t even the actual system. My weather radio just went off and said we are under a Sever Thunderstorm Warning until 8:30pm. We were already under a Tornado Watch until 2am.

Be Safe,



4 Responses to “Be Safe My Fellow North-Central Florida Bloggers!”

  1. Arrgh – It is headed our way too . . .

  2. Wicked when it blew thru here,in Tampa,this AM.Just a steady rain now,this afternoon.We do need the rain.

  3. Jake said

    This mornings rain was that bad, just hard. We aparently had worst weather last night near my house after I posted this, but I wasn’t home.


  4. Darla said

    I am sooo glad that weather is out of here! It was frightful………..this is the first Ruellia I have ever owned, I think it’s a great plant so far, a piece broke off, I stuck it in the ground and I believe it’s rooting! That’s always a plus with any plant for me!! Thanks for dropping by.

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