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General Update

Posted by Jake on 8 April, 2009

Yellow Bloom

Yellow Bloom

It has been awhile since I did an actual general update with no real focus. So, here is a post of just that; nothing in particular.  

Today my Stella D’ Oro rewarded me with its golden yellow blooms, I expect it to bloom close to year-round down here in Florida. I never had any while in Kentucky, but those started blooming in the spring and continued to bloom close to Christmas if the winter is normal, unlike this past cold winter. It has only sent up one scape with a few blooms on it and just one bloom opened up today.


 Overview of Stella
Overview of Stella


My Colocasia ‘Pink China’ that I got from MIchigan Bulb Co. is doing very well and seems to have already established itself. It has put out a whole new leaf and has another about to come out. It is small, but in a few months time I hope you won’t even notice it becuse it has grown so much.

Colocasia 'Pink China'

Colocasia 'Pink China'

I hope that you have a great day! I know I will, I am heading to Sea World tomorrow! I am hoping they are doing “Technical Rehersals” on thier new ride Manta.

Have A Great Day,


4 days until Easter Day!


2 Responses to “General Update”

  1. Darla said

    The first one is a Day Lily? Very pretty. I do hope the cold is gone for good this year.

  2. Jake said

    Yes, it is indeed a Daylily! Daylillies remind me of KY and OH where you see them planted everywhere.


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