Northeast Florida Paradise



Posted by Jake on 6 April, 2009

Okay, so they are calling for a freeze of 30 degrees Wednesday morning…I thought even north Florida would be warmer than that by now! If we do get a freeze it will only be a few weeks before the last freeze/frost in KY. So, does it do this every year, or is it because this year is just so much cooler? I really don’t want to be set back, everything is blooming and growing. My Elephant Ears have decided to pop out of the ground and my Amaryllis is about to bloom. The Daylillies are sending up thier scapes with blooms the Lantana is smelling the yard up with its beautiful scent.

I hope there is no FROST,


6 days until Easter Day!

P.S. Wicked Gardener, you wer einterested in the White Fountain Grass and I never posted pictures, so here are some:

It has already grown larger and I love how the plumes are a red-pink color. The plumes just swing in the wind, it is very nice. They still have them at Lowe’s, maybe yours would.

Thanks for your intrest and sorry I forgot!


4 Responses to “FREEZE! : (”

  1. Hey you remembered eventually, and frankly, I forgot I asked!! No, I don’t think this typically happens down here. My offical frost date is Mar 31st. Pretty unusal for frosts this late.

  2. Tatyana said

    I hope the forecast is wrong and you won’t have frost! But I should admit,something is going on around the globe. Winters in Russia changed dramatically, for example. Warmer,less snow.

  3. Laura Z said

    I hate those late frosts. Get your sheets and blankets out. I’ve covered my succulents with umbrellas too.
    Good luck!

  4. Jake said

    We didn’t even get in to the 40’s last night, so I am hoping we don’t get down to the 30 tonight. We also have these gale-like force winds blowing through.

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