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Papyrus and an Unknown

Posted by Jake on 4 April, 2009

I have to say a perk of living in Florida is that the Targets have garden centers. The garden centers have some rare stuff that is really cheap too. I found one of the coolest plants I have seen, a Papyrus ‘Little Tut’. It is sited in the perfect place where it gets mostly full sun and plenty of water. The water pours from the roof right at its roots and it is in an extra warm area next to the house and by the lanai concrete. It has been planted for two weeks and it is already sending out new shoots. It really is an awesome and unique plant.

Then today I noticed a plant I saw growing in a field in October and dug it up and brought it home blooming for the first time in my yard. Its blooms are purple and in the picture it had already started to close up. I think this plant is the purple flower you may be seeing on the side of the road. Does anyone know what this plant is called?

Last night I bought 6 Stella D’ Oro bulbs, 3 Pardon Me bulbs, and 4 Tennesse Ostrich Fern bulbs at Wal-Mart. I needed some color in the front yard and I think this will do. I also wanted some tropical looking ferns and these to look tropicalesque.

The rain last week was nice from last Thursday, March 26 through Friday, April 3 we recieved 6.93″. Between that tme period we only had one day when it did not rain at all. The plants are all loving the natural watering that we have been getting. I have bulbs shooting up everywhere, except my Elephant Ears, I hope they come up soon! My Daylillies are also sending up there bloom stalks, weird them blooming so early, but I know down here they do that.

I haven’t told you about my new plants that I have recieved through the mail, I have been really tired lately. I made an order at I ordered a Musa ‘Saba’, I have seen this called  the Sequoia Banana Tree, it gets really tall, I can’t wait. I also ordered Rain Lillies bulbs from them, they haven’t come up  yet. They are the pink blooming Rain Lillies, I can’t wait until they grow and bloom. I also recieved a Colocasia ‘Pink China’ from Michigan Bulb Co.. It is an Elephant Ear that has pink stems, it is also cold hardy to zone 6, probably zone 5 with a lot of mulch. I thought that would be of intrest to my cooler zoned readers. There are no pictures of these becaus eright now they are so small a picture would be pointless. Pictures will be coming as soon as they grow!

Have A Great Day,


8 days until Easter Day!


3 Responses to “Papyrus and an Unknown”

  1. Tatyana said

    Jake, I am jealous – you can grow all those exotic plants in Florida! I am curious how big the Elephant Ears will grow in your garden. Keep us posted!

  2. Jake said

    I too am curios about the regular Elephant Ears in Florida, lol. In KY they got huge so I can only imagine! Thanks, Papyrus is a plant that I have always liked, but in no way could ever grow in KY. I will post more bout cold hardy tropicals in a day or so.


  3. Ellen said

    I believe this is your “mystery plant” with the blue flowers.

    PlantFiles: Day Flower, Widow’s Tears, Blue Spiderwort

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