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My Want List

Posted by Jake on 30 March, 2009

I have seen on many peoples blog plants that they would like! I think this is a great idea, so I put it on a page at the top of my blog called “Want List”. I figured why not since WordPress allows you to make pages. It also gives me a place to put it so I don’t forget, lol.

NOTICE: The Queen Palm in the pictures below close to the driveway and walkway may be removed and replaced with another palm. Many people have addressed concerns over it placement. I am open to any suggestions, mainly palm tree ones, but I am open to other plant as well probably on the tropical looking side. Thank You for your concern!


13 days until Easter Day!


2 Responses to “My Want List”

  1. Sorry – I don’t have any of these to share with you. The biggest reason I keep a want list is because I can never remember plant names when I want them!

  2. Jake said

    That is okay, lol. I will keep an eye out and see if I get anything you wnat and share. I too keep forgetting, so I was like this is easy, I am on it everyday!

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