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Makeover-Front Yard

Posted by Jake on 29 March, 2009

Okay, I am going to do my pictures as a two parter! The first part is the front yard, the second part will be in a day or two of the backyard.

In the front yard I have adding five Elephant Ear bulbs around the Live Oak. Just the back half, the front half will be an “annual” area. The Elephant Ears are not the typical ones that you find in stores as bulbs for purchase. The Crepe Myrtles leaves have started to come out, they look orangish, looks like autumn, lol. I have Foxtail Fern bulbs at the base of the Crepe Myrtles in the front, we will see if they come up. I plan on putting some Lirope around the back half of the Crepe Myrtles.

In the front bed next to the house I have placed three Dianella across the front of the bushes. There is then Inpatients in between all of those. They alternate pink and purple across the entire front including in the area between the sidewalk and driveway and to the other side of the drive way.

I have then put a Frog Fountain that I bought at Lowe’s right at the entrance to the front patio. He is cool and unusual and that is why I like him. Near him the Inpatients change to red and white and continue around the front patio. I call it a front patio because it isn’t a porch and it is kind of big and is concrete like a patio, but it is covered like a lanai. 

Then close to a one of my gates I have extended the front bed until it hits the gate. This area has a lot of cords and is always hard to weed-eat and mow due to the small area and all of the cords. It does have a Musa Basjoo and a regular Elephant Ear in it, the Elephant Ear is popping up. Then in the little corner area I have placed another unknown Elephant Ear, I got ten of them from a person here in Florida. I ddn’t need ten, but what a deal, lol. This area needs mulch and it will get it soon.

Then in that tricky area in between the sidewalk to the front door and the driveway I placed a Queen Palm. I believe it will be fine there, but I am sure other will not think it wasn’t a great idea. I like it there and so that is where it has been placed. It has a purple Impatient behind it. 

Making our way over to the toher side of the garage and driveway we find the other Queen Palm with one Dianella that I divided off of the orginal three I bought. The impatients then start with pink and alternate from pink and purple. This goes across the front yard and stays in the same pattern no matter what bed it is in! This area is really the only part that needs mulch and I have the mulch. The only problem is I am still waiting on the sprinkler to be fixed.

I added mulch to the mailbox planting because it had red mulch and didn’t match the rest of the front yard. I mulched it with red mulch when I made the bed because I thought I would change the whole front yard to that this year. I decided the front didn’t need any new mulch and I would just remulch the mailbox with the bark chip mulch. As you will see the Bush Daisies are really blooming now and I added two pink flowering Moss Roses. I needed something short and soemthing that was like, wow, with that yellow, I think I found it. The Bush Daisies were bought as annual for the autumn planting out there, but I think I will keep them for awhile.

Now onto the pictures, I need to figure out how to place pictures into my text instead of at the end:

So, there you hahve the first part, it is really exciting! I didn’t post a picture of the Live Oak, but in a few months I will do a pre-Elephant Ear picture and an after. There is also one planted by the front patio behing the Impatients in the picture “White, Red, White…”.

Just in the general department last night we got two rounds of strong storms. The second wave being worst and making my weather radio go off three times. Nothing is hurt or injured, but we did recieve two or more inches of rain. Maybe the rain will start coming more normal now. We recieved .15″ on Monday and then Friday we recieved .19″.

Have A Great Day,


14 days until Easter Day!


6 Responses to “Makeover-Front Yard”

  1. Michaelle said

    I really like your yard. You have very good taste

  2. Jake said

    Thanks You! I really hope in a few months when everything pops u it will look really great!



  3. Darla said

    Well don’t you have a lot going on? Looks great. Marigolds keeping mosqitoes away…….not sure, they stink bad enough to keep a lot of things away though. I call them stinky marigolds and I have several different types scattered around!

  4. Jake said

    I know about those Marigolds. It is horrible if it is like in the 90’s and humid, oh they smell. I may be moving that Queen Palm in the small area next to my driveway and walkway. What do you suggest I plant? Palms perfered, but anything else is looked t as well.


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