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Last Weekend Roundup

Posted by Jake on 25 March, 2009

Okay, so, still no pictures, but here is a list of all the stuff that I bought!

2 Dianthus ‘Firewitch’

1 White Fountain Grass

2 Society Garlic, these were over grown pants in thier pots from last year. When I took them out there was like no dirt, just roots. They were 3 for $10 at Lowe’s, I only got two though.

3 Dianella, these two were 3 for $10, but were not as grown up as the Society Garlic’s.

2 Lantanas

4 Queen Palms, these were bought from Wal-Mart, they are small, yet bigger than the small one I got last year that has really grown. I placed one in a questionable spot in between that area next to my driveway and walkway, I think it will be okay.

1 Spike Dracaena

Multiple Salvias, Marigolds, Dahlberg Daisy, and Moss Rose

1 Papyrus, I almost forgot this! I have always loved hte way they looked in pictures and now own won! I saw it at Target fr $6.99, I had to get it!


I hope to have pictures up soon, I shoud soon, thanks for reading!

Have A Great Day,


18 days until Easter Day!


2 Responses to “Last Weekend Roundup”

  1. Gotta get pics! White fountain grass sounds cool.

  2. Jake said

    I know, I took pictures yesterday, I hope to have them up tomorrow! The hite FOuntain Grass looks cool in the pictures, of course mine is a little smaller, but should grow fast. e had rain here tonight, about 30 minutes worth, it was light, but nice.


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