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2009 Additions

Posted by Jake on 18 March, 2009

I braved heat that wasn’t to far away from 90F last Sunday and Monday to complete my 2009  additions. Keep in mind that none of the bed were installed and were all completed in two days. There doesn’t look like there is a lot in theses beds, but there is. The long bed by the fence has an Alocosia ‘Odora’ and Crocosmia ‘Red King’. It will soon have a Musa ‘Saba’ and I may place the Black Thai Banana in that bed, I haven’t decided. The stuff that is already grown wher eyou can see it is a Filabusta, Cordyline ‘Red Sensation’, Longleaf Pine, Hibiscus, and Spindle Palm.

The corner bed has some bulbs in there and I moved my Muhly Grass and Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ over there. There is also a Plumbago that has started to grow back. There is also a Rojo Banana that I planted in this bed. I have ordered a Siam Ruby to plant in here and will be placing a Queen Palm in the corner.

I am not sure what I am going to put in the Palmetto bed, any ideas?

Here are the pictures, there isn’t to much now, but in a few months you will see it grow:

 I hope you enjoyed! If us here in Florida could get some natural rainfall maybe stuff would grow faster!

Have A Great Day,


2 days until Spring Begins!


5 Responses to “2009 Additions”

  1. Darla said

    I agree, a little “God Water” as my husband calls it would make a huge difference in our Florida gardens. Anyone who know anything at all about gardening knows that you did A LOT of work here!

  2. Jay 6b/7 PA said

    Everything looks great Jake! I saw your post the other day on the Hardy Palm and Subtropical Board the other day. I’m still waiting for my username and password.


  3. Jay 6b/7 PA said

    I only meant to say the other day on my last post once, LOL! That sounded a little redundant didn’t it!?!?


  4. Jake said

    I lost my password and now I am waiting for a new one, I guess it takes a while.


  5. Jake said

    Oh, and keep commenting, I wish more people from the boards would.


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