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Saturday…A Success!

Posted by Jake on 15 March, 2009

Saturday went pretty well I suppose. I had a coupon for buy 1, get 1 package of bulbs for Home Depot. I had every intention to just get the two packages, but they had four types I wanted. I still don’t think 4 packages for 3 packages was that bad. Especially considering Home Depot gives a generous amount of bulbs per package. Two packages have 36 bulbs, one package 20, and one is an Elephant Ear, so only one bulb was in the package, but it is rather large.

The bulbs I purchused are:

Acidanthera(Abyssinian Gladiolus)
Crocosmia ‘Red King’
Tigridias(Mexican Shellflower)
Elephant Ear(Alocasia ‘Odora’

I was then at Wal-Mart where I bought my edging and mulch and what do I spy sitting out in front of the Garden Center doors, $7.00 Knockout Roses, the double flowered kind. I bought two, they are small, but the way Roses grow they should put on some good size by even July.

My next goal was to get a bistro table with chairs for the front porch. I found one for a total price of $98 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond of all places. I will of course get pictures of it tomorrow when I put the table together. I needed a small table because it is a small area. It is one of the few houses in my neighborhood and in others that has such a “big” space near the front door.

Tomorrow I am also mulching the current areas in the backyard and will be putting in the new beds, so a full schedule for tomorrow.

The weather about 5pm turned just ugly it was sunny and then all of a sudden it truned cloudy and the fog came rolling in. This is the second day it has done this, it did it yesterday, weird, uh?

It looks like after today I did my fair share to stimulate the economy. I cringe thinking about it, lol, I like to save not spend, but I will start saving once it gets to hot to do anything outside, so like next week, lol, kidding. While I do think it is rather hot I will probably be working in the yard atleast through April.

Have A Great Day,


2 days until St. Patrick’s Day!

5 days until Spring Begins!


One Response to “Saturday…A Success!”

  1. Kim said

    It was foggy! I was up in Jacksonville visiting a friend on Saturday night. When I went to get something out of my car I wondered who had ordered all the fog. It seemed to come out of nowhere.

    Great plants — can’t wait to see them in the garden.

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